Paper Review Sessions

So I know that for many philosophy classes there are papers that you have to write, but you never know if they're any good. So, I will be holding a series of paper review sessions, I hope that all those who show up are ready to troll and be trolled upon by their fellow classmates.  Just know that I am setting this up for the Philosophy students this semester as a scheduled study session, I am not currently in any philosophy classes.I will personally be in the midst of studying for exams on all days but the last, so I may not be able to review more than one paper in a session.  However, if multiple people show up, then you all may switch papers and review each other's (this is preferred). The times listed below are merely the times that I will be present, these are not canonical, please feel free to meet up with people when it suits you.

Days and Times (subject to alteration based on preference of students)

W 5/7 - Reading Day  (1 pm - 3 pm) - Cafe Calypso (Coffee Shop inside of Half-Priced Books)

Su 5/11- (1 pm - 3 pm) - Cafe Calypso

W 5/14 - (1 pm - 3 pm) - Library at School (Once another person shows up, we can get a study room)

Other than these times, you are on your own! Good luck with finals!

-Former Philosopher King

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