A Portrait of the Philosopher as a Young Man

It seems that Monty Python hit the mark awfully closely: The young Kant would have been a spectacularly fun friend, according to three new biographies cited in this Guardian (UK) article.

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 lol, Pris and I watched this

 lol, Pris and I watched this yesterday, since I really like this song, and I actually intended on putting a link in the shout box.  How concidental that it was actually up this entire time!  Eric Idle is a creative genius.  Other funny videos: Philosopher Football, the Galaxy Song, and Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.  Good stuff.  (And though not a Monty Python skit, Beyond the Fringe on Oxford Philosophy is also great.)
As for the young Kant, I'm not entirely surprised.  Like Einstein, some geniuses are wild and reckless before offering great intellectual contributions to the world.  This picture of Kant fits my thoughts on the nature of his personality, as people who can draw such sharp distinctions, as well as develop such intricate, groundbreaking theories, tend to be a bit unruly, aimless, and prone to risk-taking.  Einstein, again, is the quintessential example.  Either way, this is definitely interesting news.  
(I wonder what the young Adam Smith was like...)